Take action to end poverty in California

and create equal opportunity for all

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EPIC aims to end poverty in California by elevating the voices of people experiencing it, creating and implementing bold policies rooted in their needs, and advancing a state agenda focused on equal opportunity for all.

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Agenda to Eliminate Poverty

Here’s our plan to combat California’s most pressing issues and create equal opportunity for all.

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Watch video content from EPIC founder Michael Tubbs, and learn more about his vision for ending poverty in the state of California.

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Statewide Listening Sessions

These community listening sessions, which EPIC is conducting statewide, are a chance to hear about people’s experiences, needs, ideas, and the things they want their California elected representatives to know about their lives.

A New Narrative About Poverty

Read this post written by EPIC founder Michael Tubbs, who is telling a new, authentic story about poverty in America and what we can do about it.

Upset the Setup

Read these blog posts about how we are upsetting “the set up” — the systems, policies, and institutions that create, sustain and perpetuate poverty.

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Reach out to EPIC and stay connected with us. Feel free to share your own story with us, volunteer on an EPIC project or get involved in our activism efforts.

On this page, you'll learn more about our plan to Upset the Setup and how to stay informed about our work to end poverty in California.

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