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The global reach of gaming technology, from video games to virtual reality, offers an extraordinary opportunity to improve people’s understanding of climate change and its challenges.

Arsht-Rock’s Gaming Center of Excellence will educate developers on how to make games using transformational game design to inform and activate players.

On this page, you'll find climate resilience game development resources and ways to give your feedback to help us better serve game developers doing good.

Gaming Technology Solutions for Climate Resilience 

Arsht-Rock is providing support to AAA gaming companies and indie developers to educate and equip players with the right skills to protect themselves and their community from the effects of climate change. Browse our solutions to learn how Arsht-Rock is building climate resilience through gaming.



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Arsht-Rock meets people where they are to build individual and community resilience in the face of climate impacts.

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Inspire Climate Action

The Climate Games Toolkit is a collection of concrete actions game developers can employ to inspire climate action and build climate resilience through games. Whether you work in design, art, programming, writing, or anything in between — there are actions you can take today to help drive change toward a more sustainable world.

Get the Environmental Game Design Playbook

This report explains the relevant processes and illustrative practices for environmental messaging and impact through games. It leaves readers empowered with ideas that they can work into their own games and audiences. 

The playbook 

  • Helps game developers identify their desired outcomes.
  • Offers tactics and evidence-based examples to allow developers to reach their target outcome. 
  • Integrates bigger-picture considerations of players’ meta-game experiences and how these might impact their journey to the intended outcome.

What Actions Should the Gaming Industry Take? 

Share your ideas on building climate resilience through the video games industry and see what others have to say. 

How Can We Best Support You? 

Take the Arsht-Rock State of the Industry Survey and let us know how we can help developers like you succeed in the quickly evolving video games industry.

Using Gaming Technology to

Build Climate Resilience